Auto MC-Reward: Automated Dense

Reward Design with Large Language Models for Minecraft

1CUHK-SenseTime Joint Laboratory, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2OpenGVLab, Shanghai AI Laboratory    3Shanghai Jiao Tong University    4Tsinghua University    5SenseTime Research

*Denotes equal contribution     Indicates corresponding author


Overview of Auto MC-Reward. Auto MC-Reward consists of three key LLM-based components: Reward Designer, Reward Critic, and Trajectory Analyzer.


Traditional reinforcement-learning-based agents rely on sparse rewards that often only use binary values to indicate task completion or failure. The challenge in exploration efficiency makes it difficult to effectively learn complex tasks in Minecraft. To address this, this paper introduces an advanced learning system, named Auto MC-Reward, that leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to automatically design dense reward functions, thereby enhancing the learning efficiency. Auto MC-Reward consists of three important components: Reward Designer, Reward Critic, and Trajectory Analyzer. Given the environment information and task descriptions, the Reward Designer first design the reward function by coding an executable Python function with predefined observation inputs. Then, our Reward Critic will be responsible for verifying the code, checking whether the code is self-consistent and free of syntax and semantic errors. Further, the Trajectory Analyzer summarizes possible failure causes and provides refinement suggestions according to collected trajectories. In the next round, Reward Designer will take further refine and iterate the dense reward function based on feedback. Experiments demonstrate a significant improvement in the success rate and learning efficiency of our agents in complex tasks in Minecraft, such as obtaining diamond with the efficient ability to avoid lava, and efficiently explore trees and animals that are sparse on the plains biome.

Here is a complete process of mining diamond, in which (7:43-7:50, 10:18-10:24) there are obvious behaviors of avoiding lava.

This is a video collection of several approach and attack tasks, including approaching chicken/pig/sheep/tree, and attacking cow.

Avoiding lava and mining diamond.


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